Andrea McQuitty, Monday, 10 October 2011

Use this booking form for travel to Tasmania

A Spirit of Tasmania ferry booking form and fare sheet are now available for travel to the Australian Championships in Tasmania.

If you use this booking from you will receive a discount on your travel. A $40.00 deposit is required to secure each booking with final payment due 1 month prior to sailing.

The fares offered are fully flexible meaning date changes can be made free of charge and no more than a $40.00 cancellation fee outside 30 days or a $20.00 per person per direction cancellation fee inside 30 days of travel.
Other discounted fares may be available provided you complete the booking form below and make a note that you are prepared to take a discount fare instead of the special event fares. These discount fares will have other conditions applying to them, being non-refundable and with amendment fees starting at $50. Spriti of Tasmania will then make contact with you to advise the price.  Prices on the discount fares are subject to change without notice as they are on a tiered system. 

For more information, contact Tanya at Special Events - Spirit of Tasmania  on 1800 204 687

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